Gears of War Developer Defends Dead Space 3 Action Focus

The horror genre can only exist via PC digital distribution

Cliff Bleszinski, the developer best known for his work on the Gears of War series, says that Dead Space 3 has done well to include more action elements because the survival horror experience no longer has a place on home consoles.

The ex-Epic Games creator says on his blog, “The $60 disc based market horror doesn’t fly – it’s the ultimate ‘Campaign Rental’ that’s played for two days and traded in and I’m sure EA knows this. When we’re fully digital we’ll see more true horror games coming back.”

He points to Amnesia and Slenderman, both digital experiences delivered on the PC, as the future of the horror genre.

Dead Space 3 was criticized by some long-term fans for the fact that it has dropped some of its classic scary features in order to focus more on shooting Necromorphs.

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