Gamers Have Forgotten to Improvise, Says Absolution Developer

They need to step out of their comfort zone and take chances

Tore Blystad, the director of Hitman: Absolution, says that improvisation is at the core of the game experience and that players should always look for new ways to complete the game’s objectives.

He tells Gamasutra that, “It's quite difficult, actually, to educate players that this is what the game is trying to serve you, because people are increasingly used to games where you're told to do one thing, and if you stray from this line, there will be nothing else around.”

Many modern video game launches tend to make the player follow a preset path that the development teams see as well balanced, but Hitman: Absolution is designed to make players take stock of a situation and then choose their own personalized way of dealing with it.

The new Agent 47 game is oriented more towards straight up action sequences, which will be familiar to newcomers, but also offers the depth and stealth that long-term fans have been asking for.

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