Gamer Gets FK Baku Job Based on Football Manager Experience

The player first impressed in the assistant manager position

Vugar Huseynzade, a 21-year-old student that has never before held a similar position, is now coach of the FK Baku football club based only on his long-term experience and mastery of the Sports Interactive-created Football Manager series.

He was initially hired as an assistant at the club based on his knowledge of the football, all obtained from the video game, and has been given the top job, with CVG saying that he has beaten other candidates like French player Jean-Pierre Papin to get the position.

The news is even more surprising considering the fact that developers at Sports Interactive themselves have included in-game messages that make fun of those who profess to master the game of football simply by playing the simulation.

Football Manager 2013 has recently received a pretty significant patch that changes some of the core elements of the game engine.

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