GameStop Wants to Sell More DLC in Stores, Less Guides

The company needs to compensate for used game sales decline

Much of the future of specialist retail chain GameStop depends on the company’s ability to sell downloadable content to players, especially after the used game market seems to have entered a quick decline.

Brad Schliesser, the leader of the retail digital distribution division at GameStop, tells Destructoid that, “Downloadable content is easier for us to sell compared to strategy guides or accessories.”

He adds, “They’re games and our sales associates are gamers.”

The executive says that gamers tend to shun virtual currency, either for the Xbox Live service or for the PlayStation Network, but they are interested in actual DLC packages and downloadable games, as long as they are properly advertised.

GameStop has recently revealed that the used game market has declined during the Christmas period by 16 percent when compared to 2011 and that it has seen an increase in digital game sales.

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