GameStop Shares Drop After Xbox 720's Anti-Used Games Tech Report

One of the biggest activities of the retailer might soon be eliminated

Yesterday's report that the next-generation Xbox (aka the Xbox 720) will eliminate the possibility of playing used games has had a negative impact on the share price of GameStop, one of the largest retailers in North America, which has a successful business selling second-hand copies of console titles.

Used games is a serious debate in the industry, as while retailers like GameStop are making lots of money off of them, developers and even console makers, like Microsoft, are losing that money.

As such, yesterday a new report surfaced that claimed the upcoming Xbox 720 console would require an online activation for any retail game, permanently tying that copy with the Xbox Live account of the player.

This anti-used gaming technology spells trouble for retailers like GameStop and the report has already resulted in a 6% drop in the stock price of the large retailer, according to Forbes.

Even if the features to be included in the next Xbox are still unkown, it's going to be tough for GameStop to make a comeback if the console does eliminate used games.

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