GameStop Praises Destiny for Innovation and Living World

The game will drive sales for next-generation consoles

Tony Bartel, the president of GameStop, believes that the upcoming Destiny from Bungie is the kind of innovative experience that the video game world has been expecting.

The executive states that, “Not only does Destiny look amazing, but its new living world will change the way players think of co-operative online gaming.”

It’s interesting to see GameStop praising a game that will focus heavily on social interactions between large numbers of players and might be at some point delivered exclusively over digital distribution.

GameSpot is one of the companies that will benefit greatly from the launch of next-generation consoles from both Microsoft and Sony.

Destiny will likely be one of the main drivers of sales in early 2014 and the retail chain wants to partner with developer Bungie and publisher Activision to offer interesting long-term benefits to buyers.

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