GameStick Console Extra Goals Includes More Colors, MicroSD Slot

The console is past its original funding goal on Kickstarter

The development team behind the new GameStick announces a number of new stretch goals for their Kickstarter drive, designed to encourage gamers to pledge their money to the project.

Gamers can get more colors at both 320,000 dollars (245,000 Euro) and at 450,000 dollars (344,000 Euro).

If the GameStick project gets past the 560,000 dollars (428,000 Euro), the console will also get a MicroSD slot in order to allow players to move their saves and other content around without resorting to the cloud.

Anthony Johnson, the CMO at Playjam, states, “We have been inundated with messages of support and suggestions on how to improve GameStick fromboth the gamers & developers worldwidewho backed our project. Being at the pre-production phase, we have been able to incorporate a lot of these ideas into our roadmap.”

The GameStick is an Android-based portable console that seeks to use any available HDTV.

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