Game of Thrones Ascent Is Built Around Choice, Authenticity and Danger

The team wants to reflect the world of Westros and its unique features

The developer at Disruptor Beam working on Game of Thrones Ascent has laid out the core ideas that the title based on A Song of Ice and Fire is built upon and their plans for long term improvement of the experience.

The social game is created with a focus on: authenticity, staying true to the themes that R.R. Martin explores in his Westeros saga; choice, allowing players to decide how to act; consequence, with clear long term effects for the shared game world; danger, making failure a possibility and continous improvement.

The official blog post explores how the game evolved in more detail and shows how two core game mechanics were modified to suit the world and the nature of the experience.

Disruptor adds, “We’ll add content, we’ll continue to modify and improve the balance and the mechanics, and we’ll craft new features. The work is ongoing, is continuous, is perpetual.”

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