Game of Thrones Ascent Introduces Economic Details

Gamers will be able to use silver, gold and other resources

The development team at Disruptor Beam is offering more details about the economy of the upcoming social title Game of Thrones Ascent, which will focus on both money in the form of gold and silver and on a number of resources that can be exploited.

The team states, “Spending silver leads to more power, and the ability to gain even more silver in the future.”

Taxes need to be levied in order to get money and sums raised will be quickly spent on anything from more Sworn Swords that can perform missions to more items that can help the player with his long-term plans.

Interactions with other players can also generate extra silver and players will also have to collect resources, like wood and iron, in order to create extra items and buildings.

Game of Thrones Ascent will initially focus on the conflict between the Starks and Lannisters and will then expand its scope to cover all of Westeros.

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