Game Image Recognition Walkthrough App Seeking Kickstarter Funding

Players might be able to get through any level with little effort

Noah Glaser, the owner of popular gaming site, is using Kickstarter in order to get the resources he needs to create the Game Image Recognition Walkthrough App, which would allow players to quickly get information about how to get past a difficult level in any game they play.

As the name implies, the application is designed to allow gamers to simply take a screenshot, plug it into the program and then get access to the exact steps that they need in order to clear the difficult level they are watching.

The app would eliminate the frustration associated with difficult games and with the trouble of opening up a new browser window in order to search various fan sites for the right solution.

The Game Image Recognition Walkthrough App might get launched as early as May 2013 as long as Noah Glaser gets the funds he needs via Kickstarter.

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