Gaikai Registers PlayStation Cloud Domain Names

The PlayStation4 might have some serious cloud-based features

Gaikai, the cloud gaming service acquired by Sony last year, has just registered three domain names relating to something called PlayStation Cloud.

Sony bought Gaikai last year for a few hundred million dollars and only revealed that it will use the company's cloud gaming know-how to benefit PlayStation devices.

At the upcoming PlayStation 4 reveal later today, reports revealed that the company will announce a special service for the PS4 that allows users to stream PS3 games and play them on the device.

Now, Superannuation has just dug up three interesting domain name registrations filed by Gaikai on February 15.

All of them refer to something called the PlayStation Cloud, but no website actually has any content.

Even if nothing official is known, it's pretty obvious that Sony will put its newly acquired company to good use by creating new services for the PlayStation 4 and maybe even for the current PlayStation 3.

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