Gaikai-Powered PSN for PlayStation 4 Allows Instant Game Streaming

Players will also be able to invite friends to interact with their games

After the presentation of the core hardware elements of the just announced PlayStation 4 by the leading developer Dave Perry, the chief executive officer of Gaikai took the stage in New York in order to reveal how the PlayStation Network was adapted to the next-gen gaming console.

He said, “Our goal is to make free exploration possible for virtually any PS4 game on PlayStation Store. Buy only what you love.”

Basically, streaming should be possible for all video games that are launched on the PlayStation 4, with gamers only asked to pay after trying them out.

The console will also allow gamers to use the PlayStation Vita in order to control video games via Remote Play.

The new PSN also benefits from partnerships with Facebook and Ustream, allowing gamers to put together their own streaming, with friends jumping in to comment and even take control in order to finish a particularly hard level.

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