GTA V's iFruit App Updated to Fix Connectivity Issues

Gamers can customize cars and take care of Chop the dog

The development team at Rockstar is delivering an update for the iFruit companion app for Grand Theft Auto V that's designed to eliminate all the issues with connection time that gamers have been experiencing since it was launched last week.

The official iTunes description for the new version of the app states, "Addresses connectivity issues. Thank you for your patience and support."

iFruit is designed to allow players to take care of Chop, the dog of character Franklin, while also giving them a chance to spend time creating the best vehicles they can image for the GTA V world.

The app is just a part of a wider strategy linked to the game, designed to create a net of content that gamers can experience even when they are away from their consoles.

GTA Online will be launched on October 1 via a small patch and will create a persistent world for 16 players.

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