GTA V Online Launches Special Weekend with Capture Events and Special Gear

Gamers can also get weapons and armor for lower prices

The development team at Rockstar announces that it is launching a special weekend for the Online mode of Grand Theft Auto V which will give players a chance to play new jobs created using the Deathmatch & Race Creator Beta, get access to some unique gear and play the new Capture mode.

The event is set to last until December 22.

All player created content that tagged with #CreatorWeekend will be entered into a competition with a prize consisting of GTA $1,000,000 and an unique vanity license plate, like CRE8R, TOPCRE8R, NO1CRE8R, THECRE8R, I_CRE8.

Rockstar states in the official announcement that, "Five finalists will be picked in part based on the number of positive ratings they receive on Social Club, and also based on the discerning tastes of Rockstar Developers."

GTA Online also offers a 25 percent price cut for the Adder, the Dinka Double-T and the Buzzard and armor upgrades for all cars are 50% cheaper for the weekend .

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