GTA V North Yankton Prologue Map Is Accessible via Online Glitch

Gamers need to replay that section of the game and get invited to multiplayer

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V have found a way of accessing the North Yankton map, which is shown during the prologue of the single player, using a glitch accessible via the Online mode of the Rockstar-created experience.

In order to get access, gamers need to replay the opening bank mission that also serves as a tutorial and then get a friend to invite them to a GTA Online multiplayer match after they exit the building and more cop cars arrive.

North Yankton will be the map that gamers are transported to and they will be able to explore areas of it that are not featured in the single player.

The map can be accessed from Los Santos by using a helicopter and moving to the south eastern edge of the game world.

Rockstar has promised more content for GTA Online and they might choose to make the North Yankton map official at some point.

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