GSG Says STALKER 2 Development Continues

Company has big plans for the sequel but lacks funds to complete it

The development team at GSG game World which has long been in charge of the STALKER series of post apocalyptic action titles has announced, via Twitter message, that development on their long-awaited full-on sequel, STALKER 2, is continuing despite the series of problems that the company has had in recent times.

The developers last spoke publicly about STALKER 2 during January of this year, when they announced that they were seeking more funds for the project.

It seems that they found the money they needed, considering that the company has managed to continue working until March, and it seems that they might be ready to deliver more clear information on the game in the coming months.

The STALKER series so far includes three full games, all exploring the area near the Chernobyl nuclear plant, and they have managed to successfully blend traditional role playing with solid shooter mechanics and a deep atmosphere.

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