GRID 2 Uses Fans as Currency, According to Producer

The game takes players to events on three continents

Clove Moody, the executive producer working on GRID 2 at Codemasters, says that the new game will encourage players to be stylish in their approach to racing by using fans are the main currency.

The developer tells VG247 that, “When you start out in the game, nobody knows who you are. You’re the new guy. So you’re going to go out there and compete, and the guys attending those races are going to see what you’re doing and words starts starts spreading.”

Fans will require victories in order to accept a particular pilot but they also base their decisions on mastery of driving mechanics.

GRID 2 will task the player with becoming the undisputed superstar of the racing world by conquering tracks in America, Europe and Asia.

The game will be launched on home console and the PC in late May.

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