GRID 2 Trailer Shows Real and Virtual McLaren MP4-12c on Brands Hatch

The new game will deliver an upgraded control system and more cars

The development team at Codeamsters is launching a new trailer for its upcoming GRID 2, which shows the famous Brands Hatch circuit and the McLaren MP4-12c supercar.

The video uses Chris Harris, an automotive-focused journalist, getting around the track and also offers in-game footage of the same areas of the circuit in order to reveal how close the Codemasters simulation will be to the real world.

GRID 2 promises to deliver an improved handling model and a number of new fully simulated vehicles for gamers to control.

The development team has also chosen famous tracks around the world to simulate, with locations ranging from the United States to Europe and the Middle East.

The game is expected to arrive during the summer of 2013 on both home consoles and the PC.

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