GRID 2 Gets Exotic Artwork Painted with Radio Controlled Cars

The team is keen to show off the McLarenAuto MP4-12C supercar

The development team at Codemasters is promoting its upcoming racer GRID 2 in an uncontroversial manner, with the team at PopbangColour creating artwork linked to the game using nothing but radio controlled cars, car tires and wheels.

The live stream is available here and despite some interruptions, the process is truly entrancing.

The official Twitter for the artwork and paint process states: “The Hero image being painted from @GRIDgame is the @MclarenAuto MP4-12C.”

GRID 2 is designed to evolve the core ideas of the first game in the series, with a new selection of urban tracks from around the globe and a focus on detailed car simulation.

Codemasters will also expand on the rewind mechanics that it invented.

The game will be offered on the PC and on home consoles in late May.

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