GRID 2 Car Quality Has More Impact Than Quantity, Says Developer

The team has chosen vehicles from 5 decades of racing

Ross Gowing, the senior games designer working on GRID 2, believes that gamers appreciate quality over quantity when it comes to racing titles and wants to use the philosophy for his current project.

He tells CVG that, “we're really excited about showing the world the amount of attention we've paid to each one of our vehicles and their subtleties and characteristics. We wouldn't want to be in a position where we were pumping out a conveyor belt of soulless boxes on wheels.”

The team at Codemasters has carefully picked the cars that they will include in GRID 2 and will make sure that all of them are as close to reality as possible.

A car list or a track list for the new game has not been made available yet.

GRID 2 will be launched in the summer of 2013.

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