GOTY 2012 Biggest Surprise Runner-Up: Sins of a Solar Empire – Rebellion

Real time strategy that evolves without losing its essence

Ever since Homeworld, a segment of the gaming world has cried out for a solid, complex, engaging real time space-based strategy title that offers long-term replayability and, in 2012, developer Ironclad Games and publisher Stardock reminded us that it already exists, in the form of the new Rebellion package for Sins of a Solar Empire.

The title offers all the content created for the game during its development cycle and adds a few new twists that enhance the gameplay and opens up new paths towards victory.

The three factions have always been one of the highlights for Sins of a Solar Empire and Ironclad decided to split them in two, a Rebel and Loyalist for each, with new ships to play with, new ways to claim a win and superweapons designed specifically to allow for turtling and diplomacy as valid strategies.

On top of it all, Ironclad has also added an extra layer of effects and both the old mainstays and the newly added hardware look great, as do the explosions and the planetary bombardments.

Rebellion is a great package for strategy lovers because there are enough options and choices to make to keep the game relevant for months, especially when playing the huge maps with a lot of enemy factions.

Multiplayer is also a joy as long as you find a group of players who are willing to slog it out in the long term without quitting once they see defeat incoming.

Some players will continue to complain about the lack of single player story (something that really elevated Homeworld) but Sins of a Solar Empire – Rebellion does not need it in order to shine and all gamers are free to create their own narratives of victory and defeat.

We have a full review of Sins of a Solar Empire – Rebellion on Softpedia.

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