GOTY 2012 Best Story Runner-Up: Game of Thrones RPG

A very interesting narrative that captures the themes of the book

There have been plenty of video games this year that tackled story in video games in a simple but effective way, giving me a basic set of rules and then allowing me to create my own narrative by confronting my failures and reaching my own goals.

But when it comes to pre-determined stories, 2012 was a little barren and Game of Thrones managed to stand out from the crowd, especially given low expectations before launch.

The game allows players to inhabit two characters in the world created by George R.R. Martin for his A Song of Ice and Fire universe and explore a complex plot that takes place more than a decade before the events in the books.

Cyanide is the developer best known for its cycling simulation titles and it was a surprise to see that it was able to completely take the specific details of the Game of Thrones universe and then weave its own ideas and its own characters in it.

Both Mors Westfod, a brother of the Nightswatch, and Alester Sarwyck, a Red Priest, live on the fringes of the Seven Kingdoms and the story of A Game of Thrones allows them to confront the major themes of the universe, ranging from morals to the price of friendship and betrayal.

The story also takes players to familiar places and shows them the corruption that lies just behind the veneer of nobility of the noble and the powerful.

The only weaknesses of the Game of Thrones RPG story are the main antagonist, who is unable to be credible or menacing at any point, and the limited information offered on secondary characters.

An honorable mention goes to the Enhanced Edition release of Baldur’s Gate, from Overhaul Games, which has managed to put a lot of modern releases to shame with its deep narrative, interesting characters and interesting conflict.

You can read a full review of the Game of Thrones RPG on Softpedia.

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