GOTY 2012 Best Story: Mass Effect 3

The story of BioWare's sprawling role-playing shooter shouldn't be judged on its ending

Before you rush to the comment section and criticize me for picking Mass Effect 3 as the game with the best narrative of 2012, please consider that we're talking about a story, not about an ending, no matter how controversial it might be.

At first, I was a bit disappointed with Mass Effect 3's conclusion, but soon I realized that the story of the franchise as a whole and that of the final game was a great journey that didn't resume to what was at the finish line.

That is why Mass Effect 3 needs to be congratulated. It delivered a conclusion to the series that doesn't resume to the final 30 minutes of its story.

The conclusion begins as soon as the Reapers attack Earth and continues as we guide Shepard through a sprawling adventure in space, meeting and helping old friends, allies, and villains along the way.

From dealing with the Krogan genophage to earning the trust of the Turians, reconciling the Geth and the Quarians, and saving the Asari, the game keeps you on your toes and, provided you played the previous installments, you'll go through all sorts of emotional moments with highs and lows.

Yes, the conclusion offered some tough choices and you can nit-pick things like the Indoctrination Theory, but BioWare even admitted that more clarity was needed and worked hard to deliver the free Extended Cut add-on that explored the game's final moments a bit more.

Some fans thought that was enough while others continued to complain about the lack of a happy ending.

However, the merit of Mass Effect 3 and that of the series as a whole is that it has delivered a stunning universe with great characters and their even greater stories.

In my mind, Commander Shepard's adventures can end in all sorts of ways, from having the blue little children with Liara to sacrificing herself (Female Shepard is the only choice for me) and stopping the Reaper menace once and for all.

Because of its great story both in the final game and in the series as a whole, Mass Effect 3 has the best narrative of 2012.

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