GOTY 2012 Best Role-Playing Game: Diablo 3

The great role-playing dungeon crawler from Blizzard is one of the best games of 2012

A lot of role-playing games have appeared this year and most of them were of a high quality, even lower-priced independent titles like Torchlight 2 from Runic Games.

While there were a lot of RPG hybrids, which combined the mechanics of a role-playing game with other genres (like Far Cry 3 or Borderlands 2), the best pure RPG title of the year was Diablo 3.

Millions upon millions of fans eagerly awaited Diablo 3, largely because Blizzard Entertainment spent a very long time developing it, tweaking it, and hyping it up ahead of its actual release.

While some fans started losing hope in the game and were certainly scared by the fact that the actual title requires a permanent online connection, many didn't care and just wanted to play it.

This was reflected by the sales figures, as Diablo 3 managed to sell millions of copies in its first day.

The actual game wasn't that bad either, as after getting past the errors thrown up by the mandatory online connection, players were treated with a great dungeon crawler that tried to do quite a lot of new things while still respecting some of the mechanics from previous titles in the series.

With multiple difficulty modes, including the grueling Inferno, not to mention special modes like the Hardcore one, in which your character doesn't resurrect after its first death, the game caters to many types of players.

While some complained of its simplicity, Blizzard pointed out the special Elective mode which allowed them to pick and choose their actual skills, even if they couldn't really invest points in the attributes of their characters.

Speaking of classes, the game also offered a wide array of experiences, from the simple Barbarian to the complicated Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, Monk, or Wizard, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

For its variety of experiences, its polished mechanics, and Blizzard's pledge to continue updating it, Diablo 3 is the best RPG of 2012.

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