GOTY 2012 Best PC Exclusive: Diablo 3

Quite a few PC exclusives have appeared this year, but Blizzard's RPG is the best

Seeing as how current consoles are quite old, the PC has been gaining the upper hand in terms of popularity in the last year or so. While this results in more attention to PC ports for multi-platform titles, like Far Cry 3, it also results in quite a few exclusive releases.

Among the most impressive PC exclusive games released this year was Blizzard's Diablo 3, the latest installment in the classic role-playing dungeon crawler series.

While the actual game wasn't to everyone's liking, as quite a lot of Diablo veterans complained about the modified mechanics and many other things, millions of people still flocked to the RPG, resulting in one of the most successful PC-only releases of all time.

After people got over the different errors relating to the mandatory online connection required by the game, lots of them saw that Blizzard had delivered a decent dungeon crawling experience that had a lengthy and pretty decent story, not to mention lots of impressive monsters to defeat, ranging from the lowly skeletons and zombies to the lords of hell, culminating with Diablo himself.

Since the game's release in May, Blizzard has tried to keep players happy by releasing all sorts of updates and patches that resolved issues, balanced certain items, skills, and characters, while implementing new mechanics.

Two of the biggest issues – the under-powered Legendary items and the lack of any endgame content – were resolved in two recent patches that not only brought new Legendary things but also added a special Paragon system that gave players practically 100 more levels to progress through.

Considering an expansion has already been confirmed for Diablo 3 and that the studio is still working hard on the long-awaited Player-versus-Player mode, Diablo 3 shouldn't be missed by any PC gamer who's fond of crawling through dungeons, looting monsters, and becoming the savior of Sanctuary.

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