GOTY 2012 Best Indie Game: Orcs Must Die 2

Robot Entertainment's action tower defense game is quite impressive

Given the massive growth in terms of popularity of the PC platform in recent years, we've seen a lot of high-quality titles be released by small, independent studios.

We've certainly covered a lot of both triple-A titles and lightweight ones, and among the best, no matter the category, was Robot Entertainment's Orcs Must Die 2.

Orcs Must Die 1 impressed lots of people last year, including ourselves, seeing as how we named it the second best downloadable game of 2011.

Now, its sequel, which appeared around 8 months after the original, has once again impressed us by managing to improve gameplay in all sorts of ways, while adding the oft-requested cooperative mode, which lets players work alongside a friend and kill as many orcs as possible.

While some argued that Orcs Must Die 2 is basically an Orcs Must Die 1.5, with minimal updates and just a co-op mode slapped on it, the game is actually much more than that.

Besides the actual online cooperative mode, there are all sorts of new things added to the game, from fresh traps (Acid sprayers), to new gear (the awesome Sceptre of Domination), not to mention new trinkets that give passive bonuses during a game.

The fact that you can freely switch between your characters (the War Mage or the Sorceress) and that you can easily create strategies by spending your hard-earned skulls in the Spellbook and then refunding all of them in order to change things up, also enhances the whole experience.

Throw in other things, like the Endless Mode that should give veteran players a real challenge, or the Classic one, where you revisit levels from the original with your upgraded arsenal, and you have quite a solid experience that's more than worth the low price of this independent game.

In case you've yet to try out Orcs Must Die 2, you can buy it for the PC via Steam.

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