GOTY 2012 Best Graphics: Far Cry 3

Ubisoft's new shooter is the best-looking game of the year

We're nearing the end of the console cycle which means that developers have practically mastered the likes of the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, resulting in great graphics for games on the two consoles.

As more and more gamers start to migrate to the PC, studios are putting more work into the computer versions of their games and this is evident particularly in terms of graphics.

We've seen a variety of great-looking titles in the last 12 months, from ultra-realistic ones like Medal of Honor: Warfighter, to more stylized experiences, like Borderlands 2 or Dishonored.

Among them, one game really impressed not just through great looking graphics and effects, but also stunning visuals as it depicted all sorts of memorable situations: Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft's shooter/RPG hybrid has not only the best gameplay of the year but also the most impressive graphics, as players can explore a group of tropical islands that are home to all sorts of stunning vistas, from mountains to plains, jungles, waterfalls, as well as different temples, mines, and even underwater caverns.

Besides the quality of the environments, players also get to admire stunning character models, ranging from important allies like Dennis or Dr. Earnhardt, to villains like Vaas, Buck, or Hoyt, not to mention your actual friends, like Liza, Daisy, Oliver, or Keith.

While Far Cry 3 looks great across all platforms, the game really shines in terms of graphics on the PC thanks to an array of customizable options, from the quality of textures, to different anti-aliasing methods and values, not to mention many different post-processing techniques, provided you have powerful graphics cards and updated drivers for them.

For all its stunning beauty and the wealth of options available for PC players, Far Cry 3 has the best graphics of 2012.

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