GOTY 2012 Action Adventure Runner-Up: Max Payne 3

The slow motion heart is still there, the style is different

Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter created by Rockstar and published by 2K Games that separates players from the legacy of the first two games in the series and takes them on a long journey to the South and to the future.

The game also delivers some of the best action gameplay of the year, with gamers controlling the titular character as he does what he knows best, taking enemies out using a ludicrous array of weapons and spectacular moves.

The first Max Payne game was all about the diving shootouts and the incredible ability that Max had to kill bad guys while keeping himself alive by popping pills like they were candy.

That simplicity still exists in the third game but Rockstar widely understands that it needs to expand the game world in order to make Max Payne appealing to a larger number of players, while also giving long-term fans something new to experience.

The move to Brazil and the transformation of Max Payne mean that players can experience two concurrent stories, one focused on the present and on how a kidnapping exemplifies the class tensions of the modern world and another linked to his past and how he parted with New York.

The dry wit that Max always displayed is also emphasized as the protagonist once again offers a cynical view of life while contradicting it via his actions.

Rockstar’s tone is sometimes preachy, but the game story is gripping and provides excellent occasions to engage in the slow motion moves that underpin the series.

Moving around the levels with a powerful weapon, slowly clearing out enemies via impressive dives and solid aiming, is a great experience and even the new cover system adds something to the game, because it slows gameplay down and gives players a chance to think and plan their next move.

We have a full review of Max Payne 3 available on Softpedia.

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