GOG Has Pick Five, Pay 10 Dollars Promotion Until November 27

It includes Trine, Resonance, Darwinia, Anomaly, Machinarium

GOG, the digital distribution service that specializes in classic and indie titles, has launched a new promotion that allows any player to pick 5 video games from a list and then pay just 10 dollars (7.8 Euro) in order to get access to them.

The games included in the promotion are: Resonance, Botanicula, To the Moon, Gemini Rue, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Torchlight, Blackwell Bundle, Uplink, Geneforge 1-5, Machinarium, Space Chem, Decon, Trine, Symphony, Darwinia, Mutant Mudds, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, The Ball, Unmechanical and Multiwinia.

All the games that are part of the Pick Five, Pay 10 Promotion on GOG.com are interesting in their own right and the biggest challenge for those interested will be to pick those that best suit their tastes.

The promotion will be offered until November 27.

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