GOG End of the World Sale Brings Huge Discounts on DRM-Free Titles

Score 75% price cuts on many great games from the online retailer

After starting the Winter Sale, online retailer GOG has now revealed another, even more impressive promotion, in the form of the End of the World Sale, which slashes prices on all sorts of DRM-free titles by 75%.

Lots of great sales have been revealed in recent weeks by all sorts of companies and services across different platforms, from the PC to consoles and mobile devices.

Now, after kicking off the Winter Sale at the beginning of the week, GOG has posted an even bigger promotion, in the form of the End of the World Sale.

During this special discount spree, prices for a variety of great games and collections have been slashed by 75%.

From The Witcher 2 to bundles for all sorts of classic games, like the Might and Magic ones or those from Telltale, many great titles have been discounted.

As always when talking about games from GOG, all the titles are DRM-free and most of them come with all sorts extra goodies, so check out the impressive list of deals here.

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