GOG Begins Winter Sale, Slashes Prices on Many DRM-Free Titles

Big discounts can now be had on the popular website

Online retailer GOG has just begun its own Winter Sale, celebrating the upcoming holidays by slashing prices on all sorts of classic titles that don't have any sort of DRM (Digital Rights Management) software.

GOG has branched out in the last year, offering much more than just good old games, as new titles can also be found on the service.

Now, as we get closer to the winter holidays, the website has confirmed that its users can now take advantage of a special sale that cuts the prices on many different games.

Besides the store-wide sale, each day will also bring different, even bigger price cuts.

The first day brings big discounts for classic titles made by Bullfrog, from the first Syndicate, to the Populous titles, the Dungeon Keeper ones, or Theme Hospital, not to mention Magic Carpet.

Check out the full list of deals on GOG at this link.

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