Future Pro Evolution Soccer Games Will Use Fox Engine

The next-generation technology will be employed by the football simulator

Konami has confirmed that all future Pro Evolution Soccer titles will use the all-new Fox Engine, allowing them to work smoothly and produce a great visual experience on next-generation consoles, like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720.

Konami is preparing for the transition onto next-gen devices and has already showcased more than once the special Fox Engine technology that's set to power the next Metal Gear Solid game.

Now, Edge reveals that the special next-gen-ready technology will be employed by all future Pro Evolution Soccer games.

This decision was made to showcase the engine's versatility and because the current engine would have required lots of changes in order to run smoothly on new consoles and deliver a visually impressive experience.

No other details are known, but Konami is expected to share new info in the near future, probably after Microsoft presents its Xbox 360.

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