Future Crysis Projects Will Not Move to New Studio

Crytek is the studio that can do the series justice

With Crysis 3 close to launch, some gamers have speculated that developer Crytek will unload the series to another developer in the coming months so that it can focus on creating an entirely new universe.

But Mike Read, who is a developer working on the game, tells AusGamers that, “Crysis is something that has really helped build Crytek to what it is today.”

He adds, “we’re continuing to grow out that, in terms of film, and games, and architecture, and all of these different facets. We’re moving in quite a number of different directions.”

The new title is designed to mix the best elements seen in the first and second game in the franchise.

Crysis 3 will launch in late February on home consoles and the PC, with more stealth elements and a new bow to wield.

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