Fuse Pushed Back into April-June Period

The upcoming co-op shooter will make its way onto PS3 and Xbox 360 in the second quarter

Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games have confirmed that their upcoming Fuse shooter is now scheduled to appear in the second quarter of 2013, meaning fans should look forward to its launch in either April, May, or June.

Fuse is one of the first multi-platform projects from developer Insomniac Games, as the studio, after working exclusively on the PS3, has decided to branch out and collaborate with Electronic Arts.

Now, after confirming quite a lot of details about Fuse and showcasing different screenshots and videos, Insomniac and EA have revealed that Fuse is now scheduled to appear in the second quarter of the year.

This means that the game won't make its March launch period and instead will be released sometime between April and June.

Insomniac revealed on Twitter that, while the delay is unfortunate, the extra time allows for more polishing and results in a better experience.

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