Fuse Has Offensive Echelon Cooperative Mode

The team wants a more offensive take on horde gameplay

Ted Price, the leader of Insomniac Games, aims to create a new type of cooperative horde formula for the upcoming Fuse Echelon mode, with the stated aim of pushing players to attack enemies and achieve objectives rather than simply defend.

He tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “we switch out the rules on you all the time. And it’s much more of an offensive mode than typical traditional wave modes. It’s more of an offensive game mode than most other wave-based game modes in that some of the sub modes, most of the sub modes, in this game mode are offensive, you are actually going after certain things versus just trying to defend yourself.”

On launch, Echlon for Fuse will include: Carnage, High Value Target, Hot Zone, Prime Threat and Critical Drop.

The new Insomniac game will launch in March 2013.

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