Fuse Gets Brand New Trailer, Shows Off New Footage

Check out the impressive shooter from Insomniac Games in action

Fuse, the upcoming shooter from Insomniac Games, has just received a brand new trailer, this time showing off just how the four members of team Overstrike had their unique weapons augmented by the Fuse alien substance.

Fuse was originally envisioned as Overstrike by Insomniac, but the studio decided to take things into a more realistic direction by emphasizing the action while keeping the trademark humorous style that's present in practically all the games made by the studio.

After hearing more about the game and admiring a rather lengthy gameplay video, a brand new trailer has surfaced, showing off the opening moments of the game and how the members of team Overstrike had their weapons infused with the mysterious alien substance known only as Fuse.

As you can see, while the action is top notch, it still has a funny side, particularly when it comes to Overstrike leader Dalton.

Check out the video above and get ready for the release of Fuse in March of 2013.

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