Fresh Far Cry 3 Video Focuses on Weapons and Abilities

Admire Far Cry 3's guns and Jason's various skill trees

Ubisoft has just posted a fresh video with its upcoming Far Cry 3 shooter, this time focusing on the array of weapons present in the game and the different skill trees that players can invest in during the single-player campaign.

Far Cry 3 is looking set to deliver an intense first-person shooter experience with an emphasis on customization and exploration.

We already saw plenty of videos with the impressive game and now some fresh footage has just been revealed, which focuses on the different weapons and abilities that can be used by the protagonist, Jason, during his journey across the savage Rook Islands.

From pistols, to SMGs, assault rifles and rocket launchers, not to mention a bow, plenty of items can be used by the player against his foes.

What’s more, the video also goes into detail about the three different skill trees that can be developed by Jason during the campaign by getting tattoos – the Heron, Spider, or Shark.

Check out the game in action above and get ready for its release at the end of the month on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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