Freezing Issues Caused by New Xbox 360 Dashboard Are Now Fixed, Microsoft Says

The company has eliminated the problems reported by users who installed the new update

Microsoft has confirmed that it's fixed the freezing issues that were reported by Xbox 360 owners who installed the new dashboard update that was released earlier this week.

Besides the huge Xbox 360 fall update for the console's firmware, Microsoft has released an incremental update for the software of the device, designed to fix issues relating to Xbox Music or Xbox SmartGlass.

Sadly, it seems that the new dashboard update caused a few issues for other Xbox 360 owners, who claimed that they experienced freezes and lag when navigating the console's interface.

Microsoft has now confirmed, via Joystiq, that the issue has been fixed and that navigating the dashboard shouldn't result in anymore freezes.

Did you encounter any other problems after installing the new update? Feel free to share them below.

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