Freezes and Stuttering Affect The Walking Dead Retail Copies on Xbox 360

All sorts of bugs and glitches are reported by players

Xbox 360 owners who got retail copies of The Walking Dead are reporting a variety of issues with the game, including freezes and stuttering that make the game, which relies on a variety of quick time events, almost unplayable.

The Walking Dead came out as a downloadable game across a variety of platforms, from the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360 to the iOS.

Now, after getting a retail bundle with all five episodes, players are reporting serious issues on the Xbox 360.

According to many users on the forum of developer Telltale Games, freezes and stuttering affect the game and make it simply unplayable.

Others report that, once they select to start Episode 2, the game simply replays Episode 1.

As of yet, Telltale hasn't revealed any response to these issues, so expect to hear something official in the future.

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