Free-to-Play Will Make Next-Gen Consoles Attractive, Says Crytek

The company no longer wants to create retail titles

Phillipe Stegmann, the monetization manager working at Crytek, is yet another developer who believes that the free-to-play business model is one of the defining elements of modern gaming and needs to be included in the next generation of devices from both Microsoft and Sony.

The executive tells MCV that, “The more methods offered by a platform, the more attractive the platform will be. Because of this, I predict that all current monetisation options will be supported by all platforms.”

Traditionally, both Sony and Microsoft have been reluctant to offer free-to-play video games and have focused on the full priced retail model.

Neither of the two has revealed official plans for the next generation of hardware, but rumors have suggested digital distribution solutions and streaming services for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720.

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