Free-to-Play Online Action RPG Path of Exile Open Beta Starts on January 23

Existing characters will be deleted and a new city will be added

Path of Exile, the online free-to-play action role-playing game from Grinding Gear Games, will see its open beta begin on January 23, when all the characters developed by players in the current closed beta are wiped.

Path of Exile is a dungeon crawling RPG, much like Diablo 3 or Torchlight 2, but it's not afraid to embrace the free-to-play online market.

We already tried it out last year while it was still in its first testing phase and came away pretty impressed largely because of its sprawling skill tree system that lets players choose all sorts of specializations.

Now, the game is getting ready to go into its open beta stage on January 23, according to its website.

On that day, the characters developed by players in the closed beta will be erased and the third game of the game will go live, allowing those who participate in the open test phase to explore the city of Sarn.

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