Free Specializations for Halo 4 Multiplayer Users Out Now in North America

Those in other parts of the world won't get these special treats

Those who engaged in Halo 4's multiplayer mode before November 20 and are from North America now have access to six new specializations, which were initially exclusive only to those who got the Limited Edition of the game.

Halo 4's Limited Edition came with a variety of special goodies, including six class specializations, under the name Specialization Priority Alpha.

Now, however, 343 Industries has decided to offer the six specializations to anyone who entered Halo 4's multiplayer until November 20.

Those who got into the game's multiplayer after that date will be able to unlock two of the specializations, Wetworks and Pioneer, after they reach level 50.

Sadly, this great deal is available only in North America, according to the game's forums, as Xbox 360 users from Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, won't get their hands on the specializations because they were available as pre-order incentives in those regions.

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