Free Outlast Confirmed to Appear for All PS4 PS Plus Subscribers

The horror game is going to debut in February for free

Outlast developer Red Barrel Games has confirmed that it's going to release the PS4 edition of its horror game for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers in February.

Over the weekend, a brand new rumor appeared claiming that PlayStation Plus members in Europe at least would receive Outlast, the horror game from Red Barrel, for free during the month of February.

While Sony has yet to confirm anything, the independent developer revealed on its Facebook page that Outlast would, in fact, appear for free on the PS4 provided you have a PlayStation Plus membership.

What's more, the studio confirmed that the free game was global, meaning North American Plus members also get it.

As of yet, however, it's unclear if the other rumored February games for Europe, BioShock Infinite, Metro: Last Light, Modnation Racers, and Dynasty Warriors Next, will also appear next month for free.

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