Forza Motorsport 5 Takes Advantage of Xbox One Cloud and Its "Infinite Power"

The new racing game in the series will deliver a new experience thanks to cloud power

Forza Motorsport 5, the next installment in the racing series and one of the launch day games for the Xbox One, will take advantage of the "infinite power" of the next-gen console's cloud system to deliver a bold experience.

Among the few games presented for the Xbox One at its reveal event last week was Forza Motorsport 5, with Microsoft showing off the impressive title coming from its Turn 10 Studios team.

Now, the game has been listed on Amazon, and the description features some new info about the title's features and how it takes advantage of the Xbox One and the "infinite power of the cloud."

The impressive next-gen console and its cloud system, which according to Microsoft makes it four times more powerful, will allow Forza 5 to deliver the best sensation of being behind the wheel.

There's no word on how exactly Forza Motorsport 5 takes advantage of the Xbox One's cloud, so stay tuned for more details in the following weeks.

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