Football Manager 2014 Gets New Massive Update 14.2.0, Changes Made to Match Engine

The matches are more varied and more unpredictable

The development team at Sports Interactive is launching a new update for Football Manager 2014, labeled 14.2.0, which is designed to address a number of problems with the game while also tweaking the core mechanics of the engine.

The full list of changes can be seen in the official announcement and the company explains that most of the modifications were made based on feedback from the fan community.

The title should be more stable while offering a more interesting long-term experience.

The update is automatically applied via Steam and since it was downloaded, the match component of Football Manager 2014 seems more varied and unpredictable, with less precision in passes and more focus on set pieces.

Some gamers are already complaining that the changes have made their saves unplayable because they can no longer rely on their tactical setups and are asking Sports Interactive to restore Football Manager 2014 to its former state.

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