Football Manager 2014 Diary: Huge Prices, Little Value in the Transfer Market

Players will have to find young players to build teams around

Football Manager 2014 is a game that has rebuilt its core tactics option engine and has expanded on the player’s ability to offer information and reactions to everyone from journalists to managers of opposing teams.

Before launche, Sports Interactive also talked about a better transfer market, designed to give players more options when looking for the perfect star for their team.

Unfortunately, one of the worst trends from last year’s version of the game is back and causing more frustration than ever: prices are huge and a limited number of players are willing to move teams.

Liverpool is relying on a midfield pair of Lucas Leiva and Steven Gerrard to dominate the center of the midfield, while its wingers run rings around enemy defenses.

Unfortunately, the direct future replacement for the captain is Henderson, a solid youngster who is not yet ready to step into the older player’s shoes.

So I tried to find a better short-term replacement, who can instantly fulfill the same role and deliver the same kind of performance, built around solid passes and the occasional goal from long shots, backed by aggression and a lot of work.

I tried to get Paul Pogba, but Juventus was asking for a deal with a total value of close to 90 million Euro (130 million dollars).

I tried to look at younger British players, but mostly, their owners were unwilling to let them move to a direct rival.

In the real world, prices have climbed recently, but deals can still be found, especially for young and untested players.

In Football Manager 2014, it seems that the only way to get a bargain is to target Transfer Listed players, who usually come with very low morale even if they are of good quality.

It will be interesting to see how the entire transfer system is affected by the Financial Fair Play rules that the Sports Interactive title is employing.

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