Football Manager 2013 Receives Update 13.1.3, Fixes Game Engine

Players also get user interface updates and other changes

The development team at Sports Interactive delivers a new update for Football Manager 2013, labeled 13.1.3, which is supposed to tweak a number of variables in the game engine, fix some problems with the interface and generally improve the overall performance of the simulation title.

The full patch notes can be found on the official website of the developer.

It seems that the biggest aim for the new 13.1.3 update is to make the game engine more believable.

Some players have complained that the engine for FM 2013 makes many teams play similarly to Barcelona, always looking for the pass rather than the shot, and some of the changes might remedy that problem.

There are also user interface problems that have been eliminated and Rangers no longer have the ability to get around their transfer market ban.

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