Flying Hamster 2 Picked Up by Publisher, Bringing an Immense Infusion of Cuteness to PC

The 2D platformer/RPG hybrid will be released on Steam first, then on other platforms

Game Atelier’s attempt to induce a hearty dose of cuteness into the gaming world via crowdfunding has unfortunately ground to a halt, the studio announcing the cancellation of their Kickstarter campaign for the side-scrolling action role playing game Flying Hamster 2.

The good news however is that the indie-focused publishing company FDG Entertainment has deemed Flying Hamster 2 worthy of their support, and as such have signed Game Atelier on and will publish the game on PC.

“Being gamers from heart since the early days, we couldn’t do anything but fall in love with [Flying Hamster 2]. We are convinced that this kind of game is what people are still looking for these days, so we jumped in to make sure this game is going to happen and fill us all with joy,” FDG co-founder Thomas Kern stated.

Flying Hamster 2 is an open-world platforming game that features a tiny leaf-powered flying hamster that can morph into several other tiny critters, each one with its own unique abilities allowing access to new areas of the game world.

The game is currently slated for release exclusively on PC via Steam, and the developers said that ports for other platforms will follow later on, allowing and expanded user base to assume control of the fierce hamster warrior.

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