Fix Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Blurry Text (Nvidia)

Gamers need to create a new profile specific for the role-playing game

The following instructions are designed to allow gamers who are running Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition on Nvidia-powered video cards to fix the blurry text issues they have been reporting since launched.

According to the official forums, players need to access the Nvidia control panel, choose to manage 3D settings on the left-hand side of the menu and then click the tab for Program Settings.

When prompted to select a program to optimize, players then need to click the Add button, then find the baldur.exe in the folder where they installed Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition and select it.

Three options need to be then turned off: vSync, triple buffering, and antialiasing FXAA.

The development team at Overhaul Games is also aware of a number of issues that affect Intel integrated chips, which are detailed on the official site and the fix for the Nvidia text issues might also be integrated in a coming patch.

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