First Xbox One TV Spot Focuses on NFL, Social Interaction

Customers can see how the device integrates real and virtual experiences

The first television spot that’s promoting the new Xbox One home console is designed to appeal to a wide number of players and focuses on the NFL partnership and the various social options that the new device opens up.

The ad is at the moment running during National Football League matches and seems designed to introduce the new gaming platform to an audience that does not know too much about it and has not followed news coming from E3 and Gamescom.

A similar focus was seen during the reveal event for the Xbox One that took place in May.

The new Microsoft console will be launched on November 13 in thirteen major markets.

Presumably, the company will offer television spots that showcase its gaming capabilities and the various exclusive titles as the release date draws near.

The PlayStation 4 will be offered in the United States on November 15 and two weeks later in Europe.

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